Submissions are now open for ETERNAL, our online lit mag.

Deadline: 3/31/24

We are proud to announce ETERNAL, the online literary magazine from The 309 Collective. Although our collective was created for the 11 of us to help each other, our ultimate goal was always to create space for all teen writers.

As is the case for all things 309, ETERNAL is a space for teen writers only. Whether you write poetry, prose, short scripts or songs, we'd love to see your work and find ways to support you.



Newly Minted

ETERNAL Magazine

Our motto is "newly minted. eternal." This is a statement on how even though we are young writers, we are determined to leave a legacy and a body of work that lasts for generations to come.

This is how we named the name of our magazine came about.

Because we want our voices heard. Because we don't want our voices to disappear.

Theme for issue one:

"Newly Minted"

What does "newly minted" mean to you? What does it mean to be new as if we didn't exist before? What does it mean to be born? What does it mean to declare publicly for the first time?

What other questions does the phrase conjure for you? We would love to see your explorations.

Eligibility & Guidelines

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. But we do not accept previously published pieces. If your submitted work gets selected for publication elsewhere, please email us to withdraw the piece! We would also love to congratulate your piece for finding an amazing home!
  • Pieces must be original work of the writer. We strictly do not accept any kinds of plagiarism.
  • Authors must be no older than nineteen (19).

We accept a maximum of 5 pieces per submission! Please make sure to submit all 5 pieces in one google form. You may submit to multiple genres!

  • POETRY: There is no specific word limit or format, so get creative!
  • PROSE: Including fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, short stories, essays, scripts, and excerpts. There is no specific word limit or format, so get creative!
  • Please make sure to add footnotes for English translations if your piece is written in multiple languages. We recommend .pdf or .docx files for submissions.

  • ART/PHOTOGRAPHY: We recommend high-resolution images such as .png, .jpeg, or .pdf for submissions.


We currently DO NOT accept submissions through email. Please submit through this google form. Our response time ranges from one to two weeks. If you do not receive an email regarding your submissions within two weeks, feel free to email us at!